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Monday, September 03 | 2018

Power of seduction

- Puig, the company that owns the fragrances of Antonio Banderas, needed to communicate its new fragrances: "Power of Seduction". A fragrance that plays in the field of seduction and motivates people to be part of the game of seduction.

- From Telefe-VIACOM we had the challenge of connecting this product to the Martín Fierro Awards, the most important prize in Argentinian television.

- It was there when we made a discovery: The gallants of the Soap operas are key. A lot of female audience dismisses soap operas when the main character does not call their attention. A gallant pulls a large amount of the daily rating. So, if they are so important, why didn’t they already have a award in the most important Argentinian Television awards ceremony?

- We created the "Seductive Performance Of The Year" category. The winer would be the man who had best played the game of seduction throughout the year and had broken more hearts. This was presented by Puig.

- Unlike the rest of the awards, which are decided by APTRA (Asociación de Periodistas de la Televisión y la Radiofonía Argentinas), this was the first category in the history of the awards that was decided who should decide by the fans.

- A multiplatform action was generated. A special section was made at the Martín Fierro microsite, where people could vote. That vote was communicated with Prerolls, Posts, Posts in the Social Network accounts of the celebrities and in our TV programs.

- On the day of the show the action could be seen through Social networks and in the show broadcasting on TV. The host presented the award on the red carpet and then the winner was given the award during the ceremony.

- Vico D'alessandro became the first actor to receive the award, for his performance in “Golpe Al Corazón’’.

- The action was a total success. A totally In House idea created by our LABS and Creative LABS teams. It even happened so organically that several sites talked about it without investing money.

- The action was also commented organically on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.